Find Restrooms Anywhere, Fast

Find Restrooms Anywhere, Fast

Don’t let sucrose intolerance keep you at home. Venture out knowing you have a plan. With sucrose intolerance, also known as Genetic Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency (GSID), it can be tricky to move freely throughout the day, unsure when symptoms like diarrhea and gas will strike. When they do, it’s essential to find a restroom — pronto!

Do certain foods cause you to experience gas, bloating, and chronic diarrhea?

Here are some tips, tricks, and apps to help you stay comfortable away from home, keep embarrassment to a minimum, and find decent restrooms anywhere.

  • Plan your day. Arrive early and scope out the locations of the restrooms, so you are prepared in advance. Identify alternatives that are away from your classroom or meeting room. In office buildings and schools, restrooms are usually located in the same position on every floor.
  • Mask embarrassing noises. Play a music track from your playlist on your mobile device or use an app that masks bathroom sounds. Fake Shower app (Android) simulates shower noises.
  • Don’t leave home without extra paper. Always keep a travel pack of tissues or wipes in your purse, knapsack, or briefcase so you’ll never find yourself stranded in a stall without paper.
  • Look for the most likely places you can find a restroom:
    • Public libraries
    • Public recreation centers
    • Hotels, especially those with convention facilities
    • Transit stations – bus, subway, train
    • Gas stations – you’ll have better luck finding a clean one at a large chain
    • Shopping malls – frequently near food courts or in large department stores
    • Fast food restaurants
    • Coffee shops
  • Mobile apps to help you find a decent restroom quickly:
    • SitORSquat. From Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Charmin bathroom tissue, this app identifies over 100,000 user-rated public restrooms with a green “sit” rating for clean ones or a red “squat” rating for those that are less desirable. Check out reviews and photos to choose your best option from your current location. The app displays how long it will take for you to reach relief. Contribute your ratings, reviews, and photos to the database. Free on Android and iOS. 
    • Bathroom Scout. This app can help you find over 1.6 million restrooms worldwide. Some of the locations are restrooms in restaurants and other venues, so consider that you may need to make a purchase to get restroom access. Check out the location using Street View and open the location in Maps to get navigation instructions. Bonus: This app comes with a waterfall sound for masking noises. Free on Android (with ads) and $0.99 on iOS.
    • Got to Go. By Cintas, a company that provides restroom supplies and industrial cleaning services to facilities across North America, this app incorporates the nominees and winners from the organization’s Best Restroom Contest. Find, view, and visit “the most memorable restrooms” and rate your experiences. Free on Android and iOS.


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