Helpful Apps for People with Food Intolerances

Helpful Apps for People with Food Intolerances

Most people have frequent access to their smart phone, and our world tends to revolve around the use of on-the-go technology. In this convenience-driven world, many of you seek phone apps for the sole purpose of making your lives easier. Apps exist for virtually everything – from tracking food intake, exercise, and steps walked each day to grocery lists and sports scores. For those of you with a food intolerance, we have compiled a list of three nice-to-have apps to make your life simpler and better organized. The apps we have selected focus on managing food restrictions, tracking food intake, and relieving stress, all important factors in the life of someone with a food intolerance.

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Apps for People with Food Intolerances


Selectivor is designed to organize your eating preferences and dietary restrictions. This app allows you to share your dietary restrictions with friends, coworkers, and family members. When registering with the app, you select your diet restrictions. For those with sucrose intolerance, a low-sucrose diet is an available dietary restriction choice. Moreover, if you have more than one dietary restriction, all restrictions can be selected and included. For example, if you have sucrose intolerance and are also lactose intolerant, you can select both dietary restrictions on the app.

The event section of the app allows you to incorporate dietary restrictions into an event or party. Once an event is created, guests can be added; and, through the app, guests have the opportunity to share their own food preferences and restrictions. This feature is useful for planning events where many individuals may have dietary restrictions.

Another excellent function of Selectivor is the detailed food list. The food list allows you to quickly determine if a food or ingredient is compatible with your specific dietary restrictions. When you search for a food, you receive an explanation as to why the food is or is not acceptable to your diet. This feature allows you to manage the complexity of more than one dietary restriction.

My Fitness Pal

This app is designed for you to track your food intake and physical activity. On the main screen of the app is a calorie countdown. As food is tracked throughout the day, the calories on the countdown decrease. This feature allows those of you who want to lose, gain, or maintain weight to see the number of calories you have remaining for the day. In the food journal, you can select from thousands of different food options. Once a food is entered into the food journal, it is saved to the frequently eaten list, which allows you to easily access the food in the future.

A section in the food journal allows you to enter notes to track your day. For those of you with any food intolerance, it is beneficial to track daily stress levels and symptoms. At the end of the day when the food journal is complete, you can view a printable report of daily totals for calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, cholesterol, sodium, sugars, and fiber. These reports are useful to compare daily intakes or to take to a nutrition consultation.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is designed to increase mindfulness. You are encouraged to track the status of your physical and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis. Moreover, you can select your current emotions with options ranging from happiness to anxiousness and everything in between. Once physical and emotional wellbeing status is recorded and emotions are selected, the app determines the most appropriate meditation and activity to meet your needs.

The guided meditations are designed to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. Furthermore, this app has a breathing timer and a mediation timer. Both of these timers encourage the user to slow their breathing, focus, and decompress.

Selectivor, My Fitness Pal, and Stop, Breathe & Think can be beneficial to those with a food intolerance. Due to the ubiquity of smartphones and computers, your life can be made easier and simpler with the click of a button. For those with a food intolerance, tracking food intake, physical activity, and even general wellbeing lets you feel in control of your health and happiness.

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